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Enjoyed meeting you at the meeting or event. We had such brief time for discussions, so I created this page with the information in one place. Review the information and if it resonates with you and your business, let's have a conversation on how we can help one another move successfully into future success together.

Who we are: Sales and Communication coaching and training company.

Salespeople and entrepreneurs hire me to Connect with their Audience; Present with Confidence; and Sell with Ease. Because most are Confusing, In-congruent, and not achieving their desired Success.

Bottom Line - communicating your message effectively and confidently is a key skill which will increase your earning potential by 50%!

Target Market: SalesPeople, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Professionals,

age is 30 to 55, male or female, professionals in transition to entrepreneurship, network marketers


You know your presentation, the facts, and the message. Yet you aren't experiencing the desired results you seek - SALES!

It’s all about HOW you communicate.

An effective presentation moves beyond the mechanics and into authenticity. Your success depends on how well you communicate and present yourself, your message, and your passion. It begins with your first word spoken or the moment you are seen and will continue on a positive or negative path from there. That means people decide whether you are credible, competent, and authentic all in the first few moments you speak. Good communication skills are the key to advancing your message. We empower you to take control of your message and discover how to make a real connection with your prospects and clients.

..... 85 percent of our results in life are directly attributable to the quality of our own communication skills.

We focus on the three areas of communication - Content, Non-verbal and Vocal. Did you know the sound of your voice has a direct relationship to your success and the size of your bank account?

Let’s work together to create compelling and authentic conversations that will have you connecting and influencing others with your message.

Here are some of our signature training

Confident Client Attraction - how to create your introduction commercial or elevator speech into one that gets results.

Understanding Your Audience and Prospect - quick way to assess your prospects their buying behavior to speak into their listening and close sales faster.

Presentation Skills - Creating a presentation that create results

Meeting Psychology - in our book - Sit Your Way to Success - we educate the meaning of where people sit in meetings and how to strategize to get more results.

Speaking: I am a speaker and author and open to new speaking opportunities. If you have a group or organization to which you think I can add great value, reach out to me and we can discuss the opportunity.

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